Sunday Suggestion – Crocodiles – Endless Flowers


San Diego’s Crocodiles are some of the best purveyors of Lo-fi, psychedelic noise rock in the sunshine state of California. A fine example of the talents of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell in this field of musical endeavour, is their 2012 single ‘Endless Flowers’ that is from the album of the same name. The warping rhythms ring out relentlessly throughout with the buoyant bass lines and the hammering percussion. The vocal is standing the middle ground of the instrumentals and delivers the lyrics cleanly, yet still with a hint of the deliberately lethargic and attitude laden. A nice and easy bit of noise pop to get lost in.

Single of the Week – Crocodiles – Cockroach

This is just a small post each week to softly nudge you in the direction of a single and to put more focus on singles rather than just albums.

My first is from San Diego’s Crocodiles and their new single Cockroach. It’s a pretty quick turn around from their 2012 album Endless Flowers but they obviously think their fans have ran out of psychedelic pop from that album and their new album Crimes of Passion will emerge in August. They still love their disstorted guitars in this track with a more isolated vocal with the standard percussion and tambourines woven within the instumentals. I think they’ve crammed in an organ and bass in there too and despite the lack of space it still sort of works in a sort of organised chaos. They’ve added a few members by the looks of it too. The new album could be exciting but for now enjoy this!

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