Single Review – Crystal Castles – Char

The Canadian electronic/dance duo has seen Alice Glass depart and Edith Frances join. Their new album AMNESTY 1 which you can expect on August 19th. This announcement has been accompanied by the release of new tracks ‘Concrete’ and ‘Char’. The latter is a song full of light and softened beats and shifting electronica and from this base are more aggressive tones and overtures from grinding, distorted synths. Edith’s vocals act as a distant and haunting echo throughout the track and she certainly gives the duo a new dimension in terms of atmospheric delivery. An album to keep an eye on then.

Owen Riddle

Single Review – Crystal Castles – Decide

We found out earlier this year that Toronto’s Crystal Castles have in fact lived on without Alice Glass and that now Ethan Kath now has a new vocalist by the name of Edith. They debuted their first new track together with the single ‘Frail’ and the track will feature on their upcoming LP. They’ve followed this up with a second single ‘Decide’. The subtle whirring electronica of the opening of the song is soon followed up with a driving bass beat and with rumbling dance samples behind it, from here Edith’s slight vocal delivery weaves it’s way between the industrial sounds. These sounds move backwards and forwards in their focus to highlight the beat and the song is another example of them challenging the stereotypes of dance music.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995