EP Review – The Japanese House – Swim Against The Tide

“Swim Against The Tide” is a nice compilation of music by The Japanese House. The EP’s soft, well produced music is both relaxing and intriguing whilst listening. The opening song, “Swim Against The Tide” is a blissful and easy introduction to the EP and a nice doorway into the kind of music you can expect from the rest of the EP. The song is well-produced, with soft spoken lyrics that blend well with the track. A personal favourite is “Good Side in” a kind-of acoustic song with a good amount of production behind it, creating something fairly unique in the process that is an enjoyable listen. The Japanese House’s “Swim Against The Tide” EP is a relaxing and well thought out collection, one that you can easily enjoy on both a casual listen and a more engaged listen. Definitely worth checking out.


Matthew T. Johnston

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