Single Review – Beth Ditto – We Could Run

Right now, in a world that keeps seeming to get a little darker and more hate-filled every day, we could all use voices that lift our moods, that show us we can stand together in our imperfectness and create something positive. And in the face of hatred and ignorance who better than a once self-described; ‘fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas’ to pull people together; ‘We could always play it safe but that’s no fun’. Beth Ditto’s new single – the second release following lead ‘Fire’ ahead of her debut solo album ‘Fake Sugar’ due for release June 16 via Capitol Records – entices images of joyous freedom and self-acceptance; ‘On television kings and queens, lives the lives of peoples dreams, you and I are human beings, living breathing things’. ‘We Could Run’ is everything you could hope for from the former fierce Gossip front-woman. An empowering Springsteen belter that pours hope into your heart like the image of a summer road trip in an eighties movie.

Hayley Miller

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Single Review – Cat Delphi – Fire


The 25 year old singer-songwriter has been tipped for future commercial success and with her new single ‘Fire’ and the subsequent EP of the same name; she will be able to demonstrate this promise. Indeed, the soft edged piano chords and nudging beats provide her with the setting to showcase her vocal ability. There is a certain power behind her sound that is big enough for her to hold her own, but is not abused in an overbearing fashion. As a vocalist and songwriter, there is no reason at all why Cat Delphi cannot be a commercial success.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995