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Single Review – Foxygen – America

The Californian Indie duo have release their first track since 2014’s And… Star Power with ‘America’. This new single is a random turn as it is a orchestral and cinematic piece, almost a soundtrack to a mid 1970’s musical. Everything from the swinging brass band behind them, the sweeping strings and the worn electronic chords. It makes little sense in this regard and whether it is going to be part of their fourth studio album… who knows? What we do know is that it will be a very intriguing listen if it’s a sign of things to come. 

Owen Riddle

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Single Review – Foxygen – Cosmic Vibrations

Foxygen en Coachella
Foxygen return with another single with ‘Cosmic Vibrations’ as they continue the lead up to their forthcoming album And Star Power which is out on October 14th. The latest single see’s the song open with a Jim Morrison style baritone and a feather-like acoustic, strung together with rotating organs and simple percussion of a similar elk to the Black Keys most recent effort with Turn Blue. The percussion becomes the lead in ushering the rise and falls in the song’s tone and feel via the crashing cymbals and this rise gradually goes on for some time before the vocals turn to a light falsetto and the song’s rise speeds up slightly as the song’s space expands and turns into a snappy psych-pop track with the jolting organs and the spaced out vocals and sha la’s of the backing vocals as it concludes with a rapid drum sequence. An odd song that does leave you waiting for that change in feel for a long time, but it sort of feels too short lived when it finally does deliver. A song very rooted in the late 60’s, but a solid track nonetheless.