Austra – Future Politics Review 

While most people were stressing over the President Trump’s Inauguration Last Friday; Canadian new wave band Austra released a new album to keep the world’s angst at bay. The tone is fresh and clean like a crisp sunny morning, Austra’s ‘Future Politics’ has the power to heal and soothe. The founder & producer Katie Stelmanis even said their third album is “a commitment
to replace the approaching dystopia”.
I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of electropop so initially I was apprehensive but to my surprise my experience was positive. The beats are befittingly revitalising giving a feeling of purposefulness and realism. This is juxtaposed by the sci-fi synths which provide this space-age dream like picture. My favourite song ‘We Were Alive’ starts with Katie’s comforting voice over eclectic synths & strings and a hard beat: “waking up got somewhere to go / I’m making sweat fall”. As the title suggests the song makes you feel alive, the sense of hope makes you feel warm on the inside. 
This album is great for relaxing, dinner parties or even a Sunday run – it is a welcome gift for the new year and will have you feeling like nothing is impossible as we step into the unknown quite literally.

Austra – Future Politcs = 5.5/10

Ony Anukem

Single Review – Austra – Utopia 

The Toronto based synth pop group headed by Katie Stelmanis have announced their third studio album Future Politics; their first since 2013’s Olympia which had flashes of brilliance, but was underwhelming everywhere else. Their new single ‘Utopia’ isn’t a huge stray from the key sounds of Olympia, but the arrangement is less cluttered and the production refined instead adding to the musical furniture. The harmonies and melodies hang from a steady and drawn out beat with a more solid beat layered atop it. With this arrangement, Katie’s siren-like operatics are given a greater focus in the grand scheme of things and her vocals hauntingly linger as they fade into the synths. It would be nice to have her raw vocals impose themselves on one of the tracks of this upcoming album however as they can only be echoed and faded so much. If anything this is more noticeable now they’ve refined their sound. A decent opening to their album release.

Owen Riddle