Single Reviews – Widowspeak – All Yours & Girls

The Brooklyn based duo of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas make up Widowspeak; a hazy, shoegazing band lead by the soft tones of Hamilton and the lapping guitars of Thomas. They have recently announced the release of their third studio album titled All Yours for a September 4th release and two tracks from the upcoming album as well. The title track is steady with a subtle groove much like the style of Mac DeMarco of recent times, but with this are soft-edged ringing guitars and of course Molly’s soothing vocals to make for a calm and wonderfully idling track. ‘Girls’ carries on this theme with more prominent percussion and a rolling bass-line and a wiry guitar solo. This ushers in a growing and living sound which ever so subtly nudges it’s way up a notch with control and discipline. Another easy listening track to kick-back too and two tracks to make up the soundtrack to your summer.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995