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Single Review – Green Day – Back in the USA

With the release of another greatest hits – this time ironically, or perhaps not you’d have to ask the almighty – titled ‘God’s Favourite Band’ Californian trio Green Day, as is customary, have added a little extra track to their list of punk-pop classics. ‘Back In The US’ a genteel celebration of American patriotism… only joking. The track is of course fuelled by high paced chunky chords and political satire, this is Green Day after all. ‘Back In The US’ and it’s accompanying video manages to encapsulate everything that makes them hopelessly addictive to their fans, including lines like: ‘Let freedom ring with all the crazies on parade, let them eat poison and it tastes like lemonade,’ as well as a zombie president with a very dodgy yellow wig. This is an onslaught of pure joy and political resentment with Billie Joe, Tré and Mike chanting the crowd towards another long-awaited riot. Okay so maybe this isn’t American Idiot level Green Day but it’s Green Day and it’s new, so you just have to.

Hayley Miller

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Green Day – Revolution Radio Review 

Green Day are back. No, seriously, properly. Not Uno Dos Tres back, but properly back, with a properly (quite) good album. They’ve sorted their shit out and created something filled with the catchy, cheesy, full-throttle, all-out, spit in your gran’s face and stick a fresh lump of chuddy in your little sister’s hair energy they are best known for. And I, along with everyone else whose ever been a teenager who regularly slammed their bedroom door in their mum’s face over her not letting you dye your hair bright red with black streaks (still not over it, Caroline), love it.

I mean it. This album is genuinely a good, enjoyable listening experience, almost completely from start to finish. Opener ‘Somewhere Now’ tricks you into thinking it might be a slow-burner, then, in classic Green Day fashion, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and takes you on a riotous rollercoaster of loud guitars, thrashing drums and singalong vocals. Track six, ‘Bouncing Off The Walls’ and ‘Youngblood’ are truly a joy to listen to. Singles ‘Revolution Radio’ and ‘Bang Bang’ are both reminiscent of the Green Day of days gone by, only with a new bite to them. Green Day have somehow managed to master growing old disgracefully without becoming a tired cliché, in contrast to the likes of Blink-182, who lost any “quirky” charm they had when they threw out the fart jokes and just became A Bunch Of Dads Making Bad Music.

Obviously, it’s not perfect. It’s a Green Day album. Expecting a Green Day album with no bad songs is like expecting me to brush my teeth without dribbling all down my sleeve and still finding crusty remnants of Colgate all over my face hours later. Unrealistic. So here are the ones you might want to skip through on your second listen: ‘Ordinary World’- the token Green Day sad ballad, Revolution Radio’s ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’, if you will and ‘Troubled Times’, which just misses the mark by being neither ballad or banger. These come towards the end of the album, thankfully, making it easier to skip through them without feeling like you’re missing out on the full experience that is A Green Day Album.

So, all in all, Revolution Radio is good. Very good, in fact. It’ll make you feel like a teenager, it’ll make you want to dance around your room a bit, it’ll make you turn up the volume on your headphones on the bus, and most of all, it’ll make you happy. Good job Green Day, on being Properly Good again.

Green Day – Revolution Radio = 8/10

Katie Hayes

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