Single Review – Lorde – Perfect Places 

In the run up to the release of sophomore album Melodrama, Lorde dropped Green Light and Liability – two very different songs sending you to two very different places. Now the 20-year-old songstress has dropped Perfect Places, the song that will wrap up a tracklist detailing a night spent at an eventful house party. The track hardly paints the night to be one of great success, more a picture of beautiful carnage, which Lorde always illustrates wonderfully throughout her scrupulous repertoire celebrating inadequacy. Propped up by instrumentalism that recalls a little bit of Team blended with a little bit of the muted synth-disco of Green Light, her distinctive vocals relay events of “graceless nights” and dreaming of some kind of utopia – the happy-enough backing track may superficially imply Lorde and Co are already there, but the glum lyrics of longing for purpose and self-discovery suggest otherwise, combining what the girl does best: realism to a great beat.

Ellie Chivers

Single Review – Lorde – Green Light 

It’s all too easy to forget that Lorde was sixteen when she grabbed everyone’s attention, critical, commercial and otherwise with her 2013 debut Pure Heroine. It was a strong release and all the more surprising that she has waited until now to follow up on that success; the record companies surely snapping at her heels. She clearly wants to do things her own way and this will be shown with her impending second release Melodrama which is expected in the summer. The first single from it is ‘Green Light’ which she claims to be the “poppiest” track on the upcoming album. It is certainly a departure from her previous work with lingering Pop piano chords from which her frantic vocals bring in a rapid dance beat with sweeping and reverberating electronica driving the song on. She switches vocal styles with ease and shows an added technical skill to what were already promising vocals. The music takes the que from her and that is a sure sign of a confident performer and that translates into a bold and confident song. She offers more than your standard Pop vocalist in that sense and this gives her scope to be more versatile and dynamic. Her new album is an intriguing prospect indeed.

Owen Riddle 

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