Single Review – Happy Hollows – Way Home


The L.A quartet led by Sarah Negahdari that is Happy Hollows have released a new single this week in ‘Way Home’. The more synth-driven track stems from a body of work the band recording in L.A and London with producers Lewis Pesacov and Gareth Jones. This single is given an industrious rhythm through rotating synth rhythms and over this sweeps the wiry riffs and rapid percussion. Sarah’s vocals act as a siren calling out across the track which mixes atmospheric spheres with solid rhythms and hooks. A well delivered track with a dual purpose.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single Review – Happy Hollows – Astrid

The Happy Hollows could well be described as a band that came to being through total chance. When vocalist and guitarist Sarah Negahdari was reading tarot cards in an LA mall 9 years ago, her encounter with Charlie Mahoney would later decide her musical destiny- An 80’s inspired power synth trio that would see Sarah, Matt and Charlie clock up some serious miles driving around America in the name of good music.

The band have only just landed in the UK to kick off their tour, where they’ll be stopping in the cities of London, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow to name a few. Their British fans will undoubtedly be anticipating a play of new track “Astrid” which was released in the UK a few days ago. “Astrid” Is a song that carries incredibly catchy guitar hooks and an undeniable Debbie Harry vibe that works wonders for 80’s fans. The song has moments where Sarah’s vocals are accompanied only slightly by the percussion and synth, which leads to a brilliant crescendo that incorporates all stylistic elements of the track, giving the end a perfect climax.
The dates and cities for their UK tour you can find up on songkick by following this link:
Hannah Crowe