Single Review – Sløtface – Backyard

New single ‘Backyard’ from Norwegian alt-punk’s Sløtface is yet another slice of raucousness. Starting off with crunchy guitar lines things fill out into the band’s pop infused melodies, though never losing that aggressive punk edge. Encapsulating the freedom of behaving like a toddler for 2 minutes 51 seconds, the track is as energised as a small child of the nineties after having just eaten an entire bowl of the blue smarties. Almost completely recorded in one take the track feels vibrate and spontaneous. Singer Haley Shea describes ‘Backyard’ as; ‘celebrating the adventures you had as a kid that often came from a desperate need to not be bored….It’s about trying to capture a sense of that wonder and fun in a new way as you grow up.’ Without a doubt this single screams of those moments when you confused your parent by behaving like a wild-child in your own backyard. 

Hayley Miller

Single Review – Sløtface – Nancy Drew

Norwegian Sløtface’s new single ‘Nancy Drew’ mixes grungy driving guitar chords and pummelling drums into a perfect punk track that bites back at mediocre music and patriarchal society. The band’s debut album ‘Try Not To Freak Out’ is due for release in September and is sure to be fuelled by an infectious amount of rock chords, electronica bass hooks, and feminist philosophy. Vocalist Haley Shea crafts a lyric like Debbie Harry standing shoulder to shoulder with Becca Macintyre, Jennifer Clavin, and The Runaways backed by the constant force of guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad, drummer Halvard Skeie Wiencke and bassist Lasse Lokøy. ‘Watch out she’s a nightmare, Nancy Drew, she’s sneaking up on you,’ Sløtface’s ‘Nancy Drew’ is a superhero, assassin re-imagining of the teen sleuth ready to fight the patriarchy with blistering guitars, what’s not to love. 

Haley Miller