Single Review – Death Grips – Hot Head

The new track from Sacramento trio MC Ride, Zach Hill and Andy Morin titled ‘Hot Head’ is a new track from the experimental group’s fifth studio album in four years with Bottomless Pit. The track features a lightening quick array of voice samples and razor edged distortion with vocal madness around it with only the words hot head emerging from it. The track falls away into a form of flickering synths in which the song sounds wonderfully aggressive and unknown with MC Ride spitting lyrics out at you as guitars crash around him. The core of the song is inventive and works wonderfully as a piece of psycho-hip hop. The outer edges make less sense and just seem to made for the sake of it. Hopefully Death Grips find a balance and make their inventive sounds follow at least some continuity as it was this that prevented their last album from being a classic.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995