Single Review – Chvrches – Dead Air

Despite not having a new album for the foreseeable future, Glasgow’s Chvrches have still been keeping themselves in peoples consciousness with late and reworked releases of tracks from their debut LP The Bones of What You Believe and contributions to film soundtracks such as the BBC Radio 1 reworking of the Drive score by Zane Lowe and now their appearance on the soundtrack for the upcoming Hunger Games film. The track is ‘Dead Air’ and offers up another dose of the crisp, chiming synth-pop that Chvrches have utilised so well over the last couple of years and of which they are veritable kings and queens. This song just boosts that with a song that offers up the chimes and pop melodies along with a sense of scale and depth that gives the song an added dimension as opposed to a standard pop song. Apart from that, they have oiled and kept their style in a pristine condition for projects demanding that sound. Though you hope they make a degree of progress for their next album, for now they are just treating their fans very well indeed with yet more material.