Single Review – Alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine


Alt-J return with their follow up to 2012’s An Awesome Wave with a new album entitled This Is All Yours which is due for a September release. An Awesome Wave had a mixed bag of reviews but in the end they earned a Mercury Prize and a fair bit of commercial success from it so it’s pretty damn fair to say that it was a solid debut. For their second LP they are releasing the first track from it ‘Hunger Of The Pine’. It’s a track that gladly throws up some unexpected methods and is ultimately a rejection of the same old structures and riffs. This is music for 2014. Not 2004. It opens with drops of whirring synths which join as one into a subdued rotation as the soft edged vocals cautiously meet it. A more solid drone ever so gradually creeps up on the song and lifts it before the percussion and beat kicks in. Here you’re oddly met by Miley Cyrus albeit a sample of her singing ‘I’m a Female Rebel’ which almost act’s as a circulating rhythm section itself. From here the song continues to lift with an assortment of percussion and vocal combinations along with that Miley sample. It actually works incredibly well. The song breaths and moves fluidly and the sample just hammers home the array of elements that combine so well. There is no definite function or structure, yet it does not require it. A dynamic and more importantly a modern piece of music.