Single Review – Blonde Redhead – No More Honey

New York’s Japanese and Italian trio Blonde Redhead return with their ninth album Barragan which is due for a September 2nd release. It sees them venture to a much shadowy production and instrumentation than their more recent efforts. ‘No More Honey’ is the single that suggests this slight alteration to their sound. It opens with undulating bass lines and slowly tumbling riffs. These are tied together in an eerie fashion with Kazu Makino’s softly wailing vocals. These vocals rotate and increase in volume while the heavily distorted and sonically charged guitars overtake the introductory instrumentals. It’s a lost song the quite aptly has no definite foundation as the bass and guitar elements taking out the floor of the song with the burrowing sounds and these are accentuated by the near absence of any powerful percussion and it works well. No problem nineteen years on from their debut.

Sunday Suggestion – Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity

Aside from possessing some of the greatest facial hair to ever feature on musicandotherthingz; Giorgio Moroder is one of the great musical innovators, taking electronic music beyond the infancy of The Beatles and beyond the robotic nature of Kraftwerk. He allowed electronic music to flow and fluctuate and there is no better example of him doing so then with the classic ‘I Feel Love’ from Donna Summer, which Giorgio collaborated with Donna on in Germany and his album ‘From Here to Eternity’ was recorded just after ‘I Feel Love’. The title track from the album has a similar vibe with the driving and rapidly rotating electronic beats. It opens with a vocoder vocal akin to Daft Punk’s trademark vocal sound before that driving beat takes over and Giorgio’s imperfect pop vocal takes over. The chorus is faded in out by a shimmering layer of synths before leading into a relentless wave of high placed synths. The track is minimal, slick, efficient, but also dynamic and alive. It’s no wonder that from this point all the headline artists from Freddie Mercury, Blondie and Bowie were queuing to collaborate with the Italian Disco Godfather. Last year Daft Punk had an entire song dedicated to the man which featured a mini – biography at the start. The French duo like so many others, owe much to Giorgio and his legacy is still very fresh in everyone’s minds.