Single Review – Marsicans – Too Good

Leeds based indie quartet Marsicans are back with new single ‘Too Good’. Sitting comfortably somewhere between The Wombats and The 1975 the track shines with that all too often hidden English summer sun. Opening slightly moodily with some pensive synth and ironic lyric; ‘I’ve been asking myself questions Like: “Are you worth it?” Tried preparing interjections, It’s a shame I’m no wordsmith,’ things quickly pounce, bouncing into life as the tracks perfectly placed childhood references, and moments of normality, somehow sugar coat without being sickly, keeping things introspective and grounded as the bands Sundara Karma style pushes things onwards; ‘you peeled the stickers off my Rubix cube, sunk my battleship.’ Lead vocalist James Newbigging passes thing over to bass guitarist Rob Brander in the bridge, leading to the final uplifting repeated chorus, a hook sure to get stuck in your head; ‘You’ve got me caught in a dream, stuck in a rut where it all seems too good to believe.’ 

Hayley Miller