Single Review – Syd Arthur – Sun Rays

The Oxfordshire quartet started out as a Psychedelic Jazz group and through that novelty has gradually worn away over the years, they remain an intriguing prospect. They have announced that their fourth studio album Apricity is out on October 21st with their new single ‘Sun Rays’ being the first taste of it. The song hints at a more open and powerful sound with high sweeping synths and a drawn out rhythm section that is pinned down by prominent percussion and ringing riffs. This is not to say that they have lost any of their eccentricity though; The close and gentle vocals deliver typically nuanced Psychedelic lyrics. They have previously been given the label of “The British Tame Impala” and they certainly operate in that Innerspeaker territory, but they have a more delicate approach and this will surely be appreciated come October. 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – Calico – Euphorism

Brighton five piece Calico are a group that truly mix and merge the genres that influence their music and make them evident in their sound and their new single ‘Euphorism’ is evocative of that in combing elements of Post Rock, Electronic and Jazz into a four minute instrumental. It is through an expansive and echoed production and a sturdy percussion section. From this foundation the jazz and electronic variants can extend and stretch across the space created for it. A smooth and relaxed track from their self titled EP expected on October 19th.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995