Single Review – The Invisible – So Well

The London electronic trio led by Dave Okumu have been labelled by the band themselves as ‘experimental-genre-spanning-space rock with a hint of humour. In all seriousness, the group has been known for generating well produced, yet emotive sounds and they hope to keep this up with their third studio album Patience. ‘So Well’ is the third single from the June 10th album features Jessie Ware on vocals. It has warping and pulsating electronica alike in a sound that laps back and forth in considered, but powerful waves of sound. Dave’s deeper tones pick up Ware’s pop melodies and bring the track a near constant vocal hook. It is a track that is spacious and wistfully delivered and a credit to the group.

Owen Riddle

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Single Review – Jessie Ware – Share It All

Jessie Ware makes a return with a follow up to her 2012 debut Devotion with an August 3rd release for Tough Love. Her debut studio album had a solid showing commercially but much acclaim critically for her well formed and sophisticated pop and R&B and so it will be difficult for her to compete with such a strong debut she had. Her new single to be taken from Tough Love is ‘Share It All’. A track with the out of focus, electronic bounce like synth laden drip into a pool of water. The simple percussion tracks give the song a light and spacious foundation upon which Jessie’s pop swoon of a vocal rises and falls with all capability and natural feel and purpose. A minimal and simple approach that can be carried off by Jessie’s strong vocal. She looks set for a solid follow up from her impressive debut.