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Single Review – Alt-J – 3WW

The Leeds formed Indie and Art Rock group Alt-J are back with their third studio album and their lead single from it. Relaxer is set for a June 9th release and ‘3WW is one track from the list of just eight songs that make up the album. It opens with folk-like acoustic chords which echo into a sparse space with only the additional electronic addition. The opening vocals are reminiscent of old English folk songs in combination with the click beats. The song suddenly bursts into a chorus of vocals and sweeps off into a delicate piano ballad. From here it takes on the shape of a more typical Alt-J track with distortions and more prominent acoustic chords. Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell adds to the vocals to accentuate and diversify the song further. It is a shifting track that is dynamic and works in the changes of tone and style well. An interesting prospect for June but will they deliver? 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – Jack White – Lazaretto

There is always a mystery and intrigue surrounding Jack White and what his next project might entail and that is purely a wait of expectation of whether the guy can remain on it like he was previously. The build up for his second solo album Lazaretto has not been any different leading towards the June 10th release of the album. If Blunderbuss had more of a folk tinge to it then Lazaretto will have a lot of garage and punk influences on top of the blues foundations. ‘Lazaretto’ is the title track of course and gives us the first taste of a vocal performance from the album with the initial track ‘High Ball Stepper’ being an instrumental. Alarm bells ring initially as you think he’s gone for the big, monotonous distorted guitar sound like nearly every new band that comes out, however you are quickly shown that Jack White is a man of creativity. He isn’t just thrashing away at his guitar like a meathead thinking he’s Josh Homme, but he sculpts a rough and fuzzy groove from it and leaves the rest of the song spacious, broken down and fluid. Jack’s vocals teeter on the edge as always and are full of energy and punch that mimics the spaced up and fluid structure he’s forged by doing something different with the blocky distorted guitar sound. There’s also  laser like synths beaming over the other instrumentals which only serve to increase the urgency and this task is completed by the violin towards the songs conclusion. It all seems pretty grand at the moment but will he keep the big guitars refined and maintain some more varied elements to the album? Let’s see if he has done by June.

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