Single Review – M83 -Solitude

Anthony Gonzalez’s ambient electronic collective have released a six minute single in ‘Solitude’ from their upcoming April 8th album Junk. This track is a piano ballad with sweeping strings and that has echoed vocals sifting though the grand instrumentation . Atop this is whirring synthetica at certain intervals to produce a track that seems quite at home in the mid 70’s. In general it seems to be taking inspiration from Daft Punk’s foray into that era in 2013 albeit a little more extrapolated. The track is indeed graceful but they are yet to make a statement with this album.

Owen Riddle

Single Review – M83 – Do It, Try It

The French electronic collective led by Anthony Gonzalez and hailing from Antibes have returned with details of their Seventh studio album Junk which is expected on April 8th. The album is expected to take a less ambient-driven tone and instead have a greater dance influence. The first single ‘Do It, Try It’ confirms this with echoed and sprung piano chords arranged to form a hook. From this foundation stretch more distorted electronic melodies, wiry synth chords and bass manipulated piano chords. The track has that matured dance feel to it and has several quirks of production to it. It is well produced, but there is little engagement with the track beyond that and it is often disjointed in its progression. Hopefully more tangible sounds will emerge.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995