EP Review – R. Missing – Unsummering

R.Missing is the name of a dark or cold wave electronic project between New York based Sharon Shy and Toppy, otherwise known as Indie duo The Ropes. This project sees them embrace a darker and introspective form of electronica and experiment in a middle ground between acts such as The Knife and Austra. Their EP is called Unsummering and was released on March 3rd. 

‘Kelly Was a Philistine’ is the lead single from the EP and is evocative of the general sound and feel of the album. With a steady, punchy beat warping synths and reliable, oscillating rhythm section that run beneath Shy’s calm and emotionally detached vocals, this track retains a cool and cold feel with shimmering electronica fading into space providing a glacial atmospheric quality. The title track delivers a driven piece of Electro Pop that has a deep, whirring synth, a more rapid beat and ringing riff as its engine. It is just as coolly delivered with more delicate, vocals responsive to the music. Tracks such as ‘Birthright’ have a pulsating beat with whirring synths flashing and extending from it. The blocky verses feed into the light of the chorus for a dynamic track. 

The EP is full of coolly delivered and well produced music with eerie vocals and misty soundscapes. The lyrics of detachment marry with the music produced and in many ways goes beyond The Knife and Austra comparisons; in parts it screams of John Foxx or even Gary Numa and an earlier dark wave sound. What makes this different are not the robotic or morphed vocals of Numan or Foxx, but the dispassionate delivery of Sharon Shy which hints for the sake of the lyrical narrative that a emotional person was once there. Their investment into their theme has fully paid off for well functioning piece of sophisticated electronica. 

Owen Riddle