Single Review – Swim Deep – Grand Affection

Birmingham’s Swim Deep are looking to move on from the cute psychedelia and Hanson aesthetic with their new album Mothers out on September 18th. Their debut LP Where the Heaven Are We made up for in production ability what it lacked in substance. They look to be channelling Kraftwerk and McCartney with their new single ‘Grand Affection’ and harnessing that ability in the studio with a song that is anchored around a bulky, synth beat with a echoed riffs and bass lines floating across it in much the same way Austin William’s vocals do. It’s a track that remains rather simple in terms of structure and perhaps still lacking a but of substance, but the delivery and presentation of something relatively simple is rather impressive as they open up and extend the boundaries of the tracks sound. A promising start for their new album.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single of the Week – Astral Pattern – Faraway

S.C.U.M are no more but from those ashes have risen Astral Pattern. Huw Webb, Melissa Rigby and Bradley Baker are the three from their former band that have formed Astral Pattern after seeing a Kraftwerk concert in Dusseldorf. The image created from their single ‘Faraway’ is of them standing in a line with their synths but with a little more feeling and emotion. The song is purely a synth affair with Melissa’s soft and echoed vocal running through the fingers of the instrumentals of which each synth has it’s own role and so it’s not very bare or boring at all and they easily create more space for all the elements to breathe. It also has a pretty nice hook to it which is not primarily the case with the sort of Dream-pop song. The single and EP are out now! Could be pretty exciting in the future.

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