Single Review – Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – Over Everything

Some people seem made for each other and as far as creating lovable indie-grunge goes Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile seem to be utterly imperfectly-perfect. The first single from the newly founded duo ‘Over Everything’ has to be the most endearing dead-pan, story-telling, rough around the edges single out for a while. Wonderfully steady and in that unmistakable Barnett stream of conscious style, the track and it’s accompanying black-and-white video- showing Barnett and Kurt lip-syncing each other’s lines in different locations, as they sit on their amps strumming their Fender guitars amongst trees and next to abandoned highways – seems to be the perfect interpretation of the duos partnership. A calming distraction from the stresses of your day but with an enchanting air of mischief; ‘You could almost forget ’bout all the other things, like a big old ominous cloud in my periphery.’ The pairs forthcoming LP ‘Lotta Sea Lice’ set for release October 13th via Matador promises to be heartwarmingly captivating.  

Hayley Miller

Kurt Vile – B’lieve I’m Going Down Review

Kurt Vile’s persona seems to be that quiet boy lurking in the background, which turns out to be very observant, quirky and a great laugh. His album “B’lieve I’m Going Down” draw you in with the chilled vibe, and songs that shuffle bits of folk and country that gives you a glimpse into Vile’s creative mind-set.

“Pretty Pimpin’  and “Dust Bunnies” both open with twanging ear pleasing central guitar hooks, and Kurt’s warm soothing vocal climbs up the melody giving the tracks movement as it flows through your ears so effortlessly. ‘Pretty Pimpin’ kicks off the album perfectly, showing Vile’s dusty hazed style. However “Wheelhouse” is a high bar to jump over, as this track stands out throughout the whole album, it becomes very intimate on a musical depth as it feels almost spiritual on another level. The light and shade throughout the song shines through the loose instrumental, then slides into the gloomy guitar line, as his sleepy voice delivers the song perfectly.

“I’m an Outlaw” masters the art of making each instrument work together as one, in perfect harmony. This track captivates you, making it easy to become lost within the melody and gives your ears the sounds of pure enjoyment. “Wild Imagination” as well as “All in a Daze Work” both have your ears tingling and the melody is as wavy as Kurt’s long locks, in addition to this Kurt is a sensitive songwriter, capable of being able to show what someone else might be feeling even though he’s absorbed in his own unusual perspective on life. On both tracks Kurt fuses his own personal thoughts and his passion for the twanging of strings together and overall has created a beautifully sculpted album.

Kurt Vile – B’leive I’m Going Down = 8.5/10

Heather Burlington @heaatherB

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