Single Review – Sundara Karma – Lakhey

Following the aberrant pop funk ventures of Explore, spirited indie rock outfit Sundara Karma revealed Lakhey, taken from the re-boot of their triumphant debut album Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect. Although just as flamboyant as Explore, Lakhey aligns greater with what the LP already divulged, in the sense that it has the sense of euphoric indie rock at its core. The track opens with energetic percussion, with chords coming later to match. Oscar Pollock’s earthy warble engulfs an enthusiastic, anthemic chorus, paired with dreamy harmonies, while Baty, Cordell and Evans join to provide an equally vibrant backing track. The instrumental apex that concludes the song makes for an incredible ending, neatly tying together the fiery threads that build throughout. Fans of Sundara Karma’s lively attack and tireless fun will be bowing at the feet of the quartet for this irresistibly enjoyable track.

Eleanor Chivers