Scott Krokoff – Realizations & Declarations Vol.2 – EP Review

Lawyer by day and musician by night is a life that might sound a little peculiar to some, but not to New York’s Scott Krokoff for he is the living embodiment of it. He’s now released the follow-up EP to Realizations & Declarations Vol.1 from 2012 with it’s second volume. Both bodies of work are characterised by Scott’s sound that is rooted in late 1960’s and 70′ rock and folk rock music and with his new EP he faithfully delivers that sound to you in a warm and uplifting manner. These qualities are best demonstrated with ‘Walter Mitty’. It’s a track full of easy on the ear harmonies and smooth melodies that drive the song on to it’s more powerful reaches. The lyrical narrative shouldn’t be lost either as Scott muses over the life in his dreams next to his life in reality which is something very relatable.  ‘Because of You’ has the earthy and rhythmic acoustic style evocative of many George Harrison tracks with a greater vocal melody behind it and with guitar solos injecting a brief sonic quality to the track and it’s progression.

Tracks such as ‘Sparrows’ and ‘Scared Little Boy’ are pieces of intimate Folk Rock with the meandering acoustic riffs and the gently sweeping vocals moving across them in a fashion not to dissimilar to Simon & Garfunkel whilst ‘The Right Place’ offers up a American anthem-type of track with chiming guitars and organs crowned by a sharp guitar solo. ‘Pissed off In Paris’ gives us a piece of shuffling acoustic rhythms with a ranting lyric of a nightmare trip to Paris. The EP offers up simple, but highly engaging music with elements of familiarity in style and Scott’s warm vocal. This piece of organic music certainly deserves your time.

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EP review – Scott Krokoff – Realizations and Declarations Vol.2

Scoff Krokoff from New York is proof that you can break down the stereotypes musicians or in his case, lawyers have. The practising lawyer is proving himself as a musician too. He lends a big influence from a range of talented singer songwriters from The Beatles to Tom Petty and he utilises them wholeheartedly and efficiently. Realizations and Declarations Vol.1 was released back in 2012 and the follow up Vol.2 will be available later this year in the summer/autumn (Fall) . From it, there are two tracks so far. ‘Because of You’ immediately strikes me as a track that would fit hand in glove on George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass from 1970. The gently fluctuating opening riff, the steadily rotating acoustic rhythm, the soft edged organs and the well placed guitar solo. Scott’s vocals really add warmth and an extra familiarity with a subtle folk tinge to them, but one that is by no means overbearing or typical. Lyrically it is honest and without gimmicks or distaste and are placed and manipulated well. ‘Walter Mitty’ has more of a groove to it and more melodic hooks to boot. The harmonica’s, the deep bass line combined with the organs and slight energetic guitars all act as a collective, musical hook. The vocals are recorded more in a slightly more isolated way and are backed up perfectly by the backing vocals for a slight expansion of the vocal sound which of course has a melodic kick in it too. Both tracks wonderfully simple and at ease. In a world of old styles clashing with new; the sort of familiarity Scott pulls off can only be welcomed and can only leave you content. If you are in New York in the next few weeks, be sure to catch Scott at Down Pour Café at Deer Park on April 25th and The Way Station in Brooklyn on May 7th.

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