This Weeks Music Video with Lily Allen, U2, Beck, Young Fathers, Chvrches, Declan McKenna and Rostam

This Week’s Music Video with Karen O, Lily Allen, Gaslight Anthem, The Drums and Bleached

Karen O – Rapt


Lily Allen – As Long As I Got You


The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt


The Drums – Magic Mountain


Bleached – Poison Ivy

This Weeks Music Video with Paul McCartney, Lily Allen, Little Dragon and Austra

Paul McCartney – Early Days

Lily Allen – URL Badman

Little Dragon – Pretty Girls

Austra – Hulluu

Single Review – Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

Now there has been plenty said about this song and the video for it and I think that it is a shame as it has clouded the core and sincere messages of the song. The song was released on November 17th and will probably play some part in her unnamed third album which will probably be unveiled in the first half of 2014. First of all; I think the music is just a bit part really and the real central focus of the song is it’s message. For me this message is spot on. How can any self respecting person not agree with her? The objectification of women in the music industry has sort of been mumbled about under peoples breath with David Cameron as someone who occasionally spoke out about it. David…. Cameron… With all due respect; no young kid is going to listen to what he has to say, but Lily on the other hand will get their attention. Women in the charts are basically rolled out to dance half naked with little say or input into their musical direction or the message they are putting across with all the strings pulled by the record companies. The fact that some embrace this is just disturbing. As well as this; there are imbeciles such as Robin Thicke who needs no explanation for his stupidity and there is no doubt about his lack of musical talent either. Not that the record companies are up in arms about it though. Another issue for male and female acts alike is the lack of musical input. In many cases; popular artists don’t even sing with their own vocal and this is what Lily is mocking with the auto-tuned chorus. The video is perhaps a little too much considering the message she is putting across but it has got people talking which is surely only a good thing. She’s is one of the better acts out of all the chart fodder and a musician nonetheless. I’m sure that these issues or any others will be pursued more mildly in her album where they can be dissected without the backlash and to prove what can be done. [Explicit Content – if you’re ‘edgy’ then stay away]