Single Review + FREE DOWNLOAD – Los Campesinos! – Little Mouth

Los Campesinos! - "Little Mouth"

The Welsh Indie collective return with a single to release in conjunction and as part of the soundtrack for the film Benny and Jolene. ‘Little Mouth’ was recorded and written before they set to work on last year’s No Blues and as expected; has a light hearted and airy flow and feel to it via more conventional means of instrumentation and only slight, yet effective production statements. The lightly churning guitars and shimming piano’s and tambourines are tied down and controlled by the sharp percussion. The vocal combinations sweep across the instrumentals with ease, calm and warmth and all in all it is nicely worked track which rewards you more for the feel and energy of it rather than it’s workings and method. They are playing the Truck Festival today as well so check them out if you’re there and if you can’t, then get this song as a free download for you to swoon your summer afternoons away.