Single Review – Chvrches – Miracle

The fourth and final peep into Chvrches forthcoming album comes in the form of Miracle; the Glaswegian trio’s most pop-centric offering to date. The new pop switch-up of sound for their third LP definitely pays off here, with quiet and atmospheric verses preceding mammoth choruses, filled with with epic bass and percussion. Lauren Mayberry’s soft vocal provides great contrast to the thrash of synth, yet matches perfectly to create a beautiful storm of a track. The band’s most radio-ready song might also be there most accomplished yet, and will no doubt bring in a wealth of new and well-deserved Chvrches fans.

Ellie Chivers

Single Review – Chvrches – Never Say Die

Love Is Dead is the title of Chvrches third studio album due for a May 25th release. The Glaswegian SynthPop group have got the in demand Greg Kurstin onboard as producer for this album and some of his influence is noticed on their new single ‘Never Say Die’. Though the gourd have always had the ability to feature a light and shade depth to their work, Greg had led them to the hushed, siren like openings of the song’s opening and enabled their bridge transitions to sound smoother and more gradual. Beyond that, he’s sharpened their sound further with heavier, louder beats leading to the chorus and grinding chords add to the sharper feel. It accentuates their hooks and allows Lauren Mayberry vocals to ride the tide of the music. It is a well worked piece of SynthPop, but it isn’t something that really takes Chvrches out of their comfort zone; more or less adding a charged cinematic element to their work. You do wonder where else they can take this particular sound as easy on the ears it is.

Owen Riddle