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FKA Twigs – M3LLI55X EP

This surprise new EP from the renowned FKA Twigs is a welcome addition to the year’s music from an artist who was one of the refreshing highlights of 2014’s music with a truly modern approach to music and with her new EP M3LLI55X is just as innovative and creative. Songs such as ‘figure 8’ feature similar structures to her LP1 debut, but with the samples and beats reaching greater depths and distortions for an all round darker and more disconnected sound to produce peculiar melodies and rhythms. ‘in time’ features a soft, bouncing rhythm offset chiming and wiry sounds in a stop/start progression smoothed over with spaced out percussion and Twig’s cautious and delicate vocals. ‘I’m your doll’ highlights crisp beats snapping and breaking as a means of driving the songs instrumentation with her vocals shifting though them as she offers up the lower end of her vocal range to add power to the track amongst the heavy percussive elements.

‘glass & patron’ is centred around by a sparse bell percussion and a swarming piece of electronica rising from behind in what is the most experimental track on the EP with her vocals being moulded into the instrumentation whilst ‘mothercreep’ drives forward via a warping piece of electronica accentuated by a light beat as the song falls away in a delayed trap-drop style as Twig’s vocals hit their melodic peak in a divulging harmony. The EP is a proof that not long after the critical acclaim of her debut, she is still generating challenging and innovative sounds.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995