Singles Review – Paperwhite – ‘Gold’ & ‘Galaxay’

Paperwhite are a New York based duo, and have just released their first EP ‘Magic’. They’re up for playing a gig in Camden tomorrow evening, and the tickets are very affordable, so if you’re in the area, I’d recommend a trip to The Stillery, Camden. Now on to the reasons why!

The first track I’m going to focus on is ‘Gold’. The second the tune began, I was instantly reminded of many of Fleetwood Mac’s hit songs, what with the heavy use of synth and the metallophone emanating from the background of the track. I was also reminded of Christmas songs, which may just give an indication of the Christmassy mood I am in at present. And, yet again, the vocals reminded me of that of Maximo Park’s more recent tracks and albums. This suggests that this band may have a solid future, what with the famous associations I can hear within this track.

‘Galaxy’, the second track on this EP, is, I believe, a magnificent song. The beginning is marked by a complete whirring of the senses, a feeling of disorientation, only to be remedied by the soothing, plodding sounds of the track about ten seconds in. I was instantly reminded of ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City because of its overwhelming simplicity and beauty as a track. Then the vocals came in, and I thought I was listening to a completely different band in comparison to ‘Gold’. I felt like the vocals were more clear-cut, and not so lost amongst the other things going on in the track, which I felt may have been a bit of a weakness in ‘Gold’. I also feel that there is a unique depth to this song, possibly because of its accessible sound, and its more harmonious message, allowing the listener to really get the essence of the song. If Paperwhite continue composing songs like ‘Galaxy’, I truly believe they will go a great distance in their career.

Written by Louisa Pennell


Single Review – Coldplay – Magic

The ultimate Marmite band are back! i.e. you either love them with a passion or hate them with a passion. I’m just going to say that I am not a personal fan but I think they have developed their sound over the years to a slightly better end; regardless of what you think of Chris Martin etc. I would not begrudge them of being one of the, if not even the biggest band in the world. Whether we like it or not. They are back for 2014 with their sixth studio album Ghost Stories which is out on May 19th. and one of the first tracks to come from this is ‘Magic’. It starts with that typical snappy hip hop beat in combination with a muted riff and soft piano. Chris Martin’s vocals are soft and cascading at times and generally hold their own as you’d expect. He has added a hint a subtlety and some falsetto bursts for good measure. It sort of progresses into your typical Coldplay finish before slipping back into the same fashion of that it started. It is no way ground-breaking but you’d expect it and the album to perform well with the standard elements they’ve placed in it that people think are amazing every single week. The best aspect of this song is undoubtedly the production. Without it there would be no substance at all.

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