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Single Review – Marmozets – Major System Error

Ahead of the band’s new album ‘Knowing What You Know Now’, which is due for release on 26th January via Roadrunner and following the electric single ‘Play’ and the equally forceful ‘Habits’ Marmozet’s latest release, ‘Major System Error’ has to be the perfect shot of energy for these chilled winter days. Once again infused with Becca Macintyre’s driving vocal and some pounding percussion as well as Jack Bottomley and Sam Macintyre’s piercing guitars. Despite being born from the chaos of how the world feels as though it might just be falling apart every five minutes, Major System Error is an aggressive track of pure joy.

Hayley Miller

Single Review – Marmozets – Habits

With the announcement of soon to be second album ‘Knowing What You Know Now’, 26th January via Roadrunner, Yorkshire five-piece Marmozets release new single ‘Habits’. Following summers ‘Play’, ‘Habits’ continues the band’s inventively aggressive and wonderfully fast-paced energy. Produced by Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, PIxies) the track feels like it captures not only the band’s driving rhythm and raucous guitars but an almost ethereal raw emotion in lead singer Becca MacIntyres vocal; ‘I get carried away, the day has gone I want you to stay with me’. Centred around those bad habits some people just can’t seem to bring themselves to break the tracks loud and soft sound is powerfully heartfelt.

Hayley Miller

Single Review – Marmozets – Play

After the resounding success of debut album, ‘The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets’ the Yorkshire quintet are back with punchy new single ‘Play’. The first offering from the band’s sophomore album, produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters), ‘Play’ is a feisty kick, punch, and scream back into the limelight for the, still wonderful, Marmozets. Maintaining all the joy of their first album, with Becca Macintyre’s vocal as captivatingly brash and enticingly subtle as ever, while Jack Bottomley’s guitar, Josh Macintyre’s drums, Sam Macintyre’s rhythm guitar and Will Bottomley’s bass, show the siblings are only growing in their ability to supercharge an onslaught of exhilarating riffs and pounding choruses, with the kind of urgency that feels as though nothing is going to stop this band. Undeniably ‘Play’ is the promise of yet another intense stomper of an album, ‘1,2,3 Play!’ 

Hayley Miller