Single Review – Marsicans – Throw Ourselves In

Even with all the cheery, anthemic indie outfits out there making it big, Marsicans still seem to do it better. This rings true all the more in their latest single Throw Ourselves In. Opening with catchy lyrics and colourful bass, it’s immediately electrifying. This energy translates throughout the whole track, erupting in the ecstatic chorus, filled to the brim with idyllic harmonies and a fizzing backing track. Simultaneously, the song roars but feels calm; is full of vitality and sun but is no-nonsense and laid back. It’s Marscians doing what they do best – crowd-pleasing, gig-ready anthems with clever instrumentalism and a jaunty aura that feels concurrently like a ticket to a rock concert and a nice warm hug.
Ellie Chivers

Single Review – Marsicans – Too Good

Leeds based indie quartet Marsicans are back with new single ‘Too Good’. Sitting comfortably somewhere between The Wombats and The 1975 the track shines with that all too often hidden English summer sun. Opening slightly moodily with some pensive synth and ironic lyric; ‘I’ve been asking myself questions Like: “Are you worth it?” Tried preparing interjections, It’s a shame I’m no wordsmith,’ things quickly pounce, bouncing into life as the tracks perfectly placed childhood references, and moments of normality, somehow sugar coat without being sickly, keeping things introspective and grounded as the bands Sundara Karma style pushes things onwards; ‘you peeled the stickers off my Rubix cube, sunk my battleship.’ Lead vocalist James Newbigging passes thing over to bass guitarist Rob Brander in the bridge, leading to the final uplifting repeated chorus, a hook sure to get stuck in your head; ‘You’ve got me caught in a dream, stuck in a rut where it all seems too good to believe.’ 

Hayley Miller

Single Review – Marsicans – Terrapin

You’ll remember Leeds group Marsicans from their single ‘Chivalry’ which I took a look at earlier on this year and they are now back with their new single Terrapin and with their slot at the upcoming Live at Leeds festival. Terrapin was one of a collection of tracks they recorded in Bradford and it’s another warm and light hearted affair that doesn’t try to mislead and doesn’t have any fake image or message. The tumbling percussion and driven guitar lick leads you into the loose and jangling riff and peels back and forth to allow for the fluctuating bass line to control the songs groove and pace. This adds a layering and unravelling of sound that keeps it from flat lining and maintains the vibrancy of it. The vocals are mindful and reflective of this too and have that easy sing a long feel to them which is enhanced by the simple and clever lyrics and rhymes. This isn’t for you if you’re looking for a deep and profound musical experience but it certainly sounds like a festival song and a summer song too. One to get involved with and one that remains vibrant and alive with a sort of day-glow finish. 

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Single Review – Marsicans – Chivalry

Marsicans are made up of James, Joe, Olly and Matthew and are from Leeds. With their Indie Pop sound they have been compared to the likes of Vampire Weekend amongst others. On top of this they have played the BBC introducing stage at Leeds festival so they must have something about them right? Well their new track ‘Chivalry’ suggests that they just might. It isn’t hugely profound nor is it the next big innovation, but it is a great piece of rhythmic pop music to brighten and add warmth to what has been a gloomy and damp winter. The shimmering guitars making the rhythm work together with the clean cut lead and both are balanced off with the deep rooted bass line. A combination like this just fires melodic and rhythmic hooks directly at you. It is made all the more catchy and fixating by the vocal moving around a big middle range. With the backing vocals added it offers up a real sing a long quality that should have many of the Indie clubs and festivals bouncing. An all round happy and joyous track that requires a happy and joyful reaction.

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