Single Review – The Notwist – Close To The Glass

The Notwist are a long established group from Weilheim in Oberbayern in Germany. They started off their careers with an indie orientated sound back in 1991 with their first album; to the more produced approach of the electronica of their more recent works. Last week they revealed a new track entitled; Close To The Glass, which is also the title of their upcoming album to be released in February 2014. It will be their eighth full venture. This new track is even a slight departure from your standard electronica towards sample and sound collage driven work. All of it twitching and churning away separately background and at times drawing together the sounds into a united rhythm. The vocals on top of it are all equally manipulated and edited to match the music. That eerie echo and the cutting out of the vocals along with the off tone blips are contrasted by the haunting and unaffected harmonies in the background that film over the music and create a more raw and natural feel to the industrial and cold sounds behind it. It is a song that see’s them develop further into a new direction and signals a lot of promise for the album which should be a master of production and manipulation.

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