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Single Review – Metric – Fortunes

‘Fortunes’ is another single release from the established Toronto group Metric and is from their upcoming sixth studio album Pagans In Vegas which you can expect on September 18th. Their latest single is a more subtle affair with whispy piano chords and wiry off-beat synths which then slips towards a more ballad-like chorus with slow percussion and an unrelenting piano behind it and the song moves back in forth in this way. There’s no doubt that their singles have been varied but this one doesn’t match the charged power of ‘Cascades’ nor the emotional aspect of ‘Shade’. Hopefully the album tracks are more replicative of the earlier tracks from this album despite the decent showing from the group here.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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Single Review – Metric – Too Bad, So Sad

Toronto’s Metric build up to the September 18th release of their sixth studio album Pagans In Vegas with another single titled ‘Too Bad, So Sad’. It sets itself apart from the cold, hard electronica of the previous single ‘Casacdes’ and offers up Depeche Mode inspired riffs mixed amongst that cold, hard electronica which in this case is a little more drawn out and interchanged with backing vocals and tumbling percussion. The song’s structure is a little more simple and the chorus seems a little like an afterthought, but musically the song still works well and they’ve gelled the Indie Rock and Synth-Pop well as they’ve always done. ‘Cascades’ remains the standard for their upcoming album so far though.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single Review – Metric – Cascades

Toronto’s Metric are building up to the release of what will be their sixth studio album Pagans in Vegas, out on September 18th and with their new single ‘Cascades’, they claim it to be the ‘Pounding Heart’ of their new album so in that case it better be good! Thankfully for Metric it is up to scratch as they appear to have delved deeper into their synth-pop repertoire with the buoyant beats, softly nudging lead chords and a vocoder filtration upon Emily Haines vocal all set out to deliver their aims faithfully and cleanly. This results in a slick and hook-laden piece of electronica with the right balance of depth and light. This song does sit somewhere between Giorgio Moroder and Daft Punk and that’s not a bad place to be and there’s much potential to had with this song as the album’s foundation.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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