MØ – When I Was Young EP Review 

It’s a shame that MǾ is probably most known for her collaborative pop efforts with the likes of Cheat Codes, Diplo and Major Lazer, because her solo work is something quite special – epitomised in her new EP When I Was Young. The six-piece track list comes as the most notable release from the Danish songstress since her debut album No Mythologies to Follow, and glistens with both imaginative contemporary pop at its finest, and also the grittier side to her style.

The eponymous track gallops alongside the earthy tones of MǾ’s vocals, opening with a classic synth bounce and a spacious bass to follow. The chorus builds until it dips into what can only be described as an extremely different/extremely clever “bass drop” – it erupts with sax and fizzes with vocal chimes, giving it a childish joviality that reflects the title of the track. It’s a seriously fun addition to the track list. The next most upbeat number comes in the form of Linking With You. The synths add sizzle to the thumping bass that carries catchy chorus lyrics and MǾ’s famous harmonies. Both tracks give a sense of bubbling, youthful elation.

Sat in the middle of the spectrum is Bb. It’s more relaxed than the previous two, but still centralises a thundering bass to parade MǾ’s – it feels less excitable, but still has a blissful glow about it. But it’s sharper, more coarse; it’s more definitive and less carefree. In a similar vein is Turn My Heart To Stone. The highlight of this song is the chorus, in which MǾ morphs her voice into something completely striking, piercing into the subtle synth backing track.

Then at the grimier end of the scale, we have Roots and Run Away. Both drawing similarities to the melancholic tenors of Lana del Rey, they explore a more relaxed and minimalist approach to pop. Roots opens with a bellowing organ – and being the opening track on the EP, it sets an unnerving tone for what’s to come, quite discordant from the reality. The monotonous organ riff seethes throughout, becoming lighter at the chorus to match the higher pitch, and meets some oriental instrumentalism that makes for a very interesting and diverse track. Run Away is something of an achievement; it’s rich and gravelly, yet keeps things simple and stripped back, with a guitar and vocals leading the way for much of the track.

MǾ’s When I Was Young is very much an accomplished EP, bringing out the best in pop music and attacking from all angles. She promises an LP is in the works – and if this is anything to go by, it will be huge.

MǾ – When I Was Young: 9/10

Ellie Chivers

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Single Review – MØ – Final Song

Even during a classic British summertime MǾ’s bouncing new single Final Song is sure to inspire you to whack those sunglasses on and smother yourself in sunscreen. Since collaborating with Diplo on last year’s dancefloor triumph Lean On, the Danish soloist has teamed up with yet another soaring musical force MNEK and Noonie Bao to produce an invigorating summer anthem that simply screams Coachella. The song is your typical let’s-put-the-car-roof-down-and-dance-in-the-sand kind of summer chart-topper, centred around a supreme climax built upon a whirring electronic bass, a bursting 4-note jovial riff and resonating harmonies. MǾ has expressed the song to be about “connecting with your inner strength” and being “empowered from within.” With such an enlivening, festival-ready number, it’s difficult not to radiate a summery glow whilst listening to it and beyond.

Eleanor Chivers

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Single Review – MØ – Kamikaze

MØ has teamed up with Diplo again for her brand new single Kamikaze. However Kamikaze has moved on from the pounding bass, and has gone with a flowing bounce a real head mover. MØ has used strings and the famous horns heard in ‘Lean On’; but Kamikaze has taken on a more laid back approach with its fluttering upbeat melody accompanied by MØ’s distinctive silky vocal. Kamikaze is sparkling, addictive and will defiantly give MØ even more internet buzz, this feel good track will be another huge hit for MØ.

Heather Burlington @heaatherB

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