Austra – Future Politics Review 

While most people were stressing over the President Trump’s Inauguration Last Friday; Canadian new wave band Austra released a new album to keep the world’s angst at bay. The tone is fresh and clean like a crisp sunny morning, Austra’s ‘Future Politics’ has the power to heal and soothe. The founder & producer Katie Stelmanis even said their third album is “a commitment
to replace the approaching dystopia”.
I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of electropop so initially I was apprehensive but to my surprise my experience was positive. The beats are befittingly revitalising giving a feeling of purposefulness and realism. This is juxtaposed by the sci-fi synths which provide this space-age dream like picture. My favourite song ‘We Were Alive’ starts with Katie’s comforting voice over eclectic synths & strings and a hard beat: “waking up got somewhere to go / I’m making sweat fall”. As the title suggests the song makes you feel alive, the sense of hope makes you feel warm on the inside. 
This album is great for relaxing, dinner parties or even a Sunday run – it is a welcome gift for the new year and will have you feeling like nothing is impossible as we step into the unknown quite literally.

Austra – Future Politcs = 5.5/10

Ony Anukem

Single Review – Arcade Fire – Get Right

‘Get Right’ is the new track from Arcade Fire’s 2013 album Reflektor deluxe EP, The Reflektor Tapes and it demonstrates a more low slung, Desert Rock inspired track akin to The Black Keys and Jack White and they deliver it with that sonic charge and tense atmosphere that the two aforementioned acts don’t do as well. The dropping, distorted guitars and given a kick by the saxophones behind them and the whirring and rising synths and bring the track to bear at it’s conclusion for a cool and slick piece of Desert Rock; adding a bit more life into a well worn sound.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single Review – Arcade Fire – Reflektor

After taking the world by storm in a good way in 2010/2011 with their third album suburbs; Arcade Fire are to return with their fourth: Reflektor. The lead single is also the title track and without a doubt this is possibly the most pivotal moment yet for Arcade Fire as a band because of the high expectation from their third album which has made them big players now in terms of the world’s top bands. With that in mind the scrutiny will be on a whole new level for them. Getting James Murphy in as producer is a positive step simply because he’s a musician as well and is a pretty capable one at that. Besides that; you can always get in a guest artist to re-focus and perhaps enhance out-put and rumours that David Bowie is working on the album with them will probably do that! The song has percussion and rhythm riff that creates a solid hook and one that get you dancing if you’re not careful. The vocals are spaced out and sit perfectly above the instrumental hook with the switch to French on the bridge keeps you on your toes and adds to the variety. The burst of the horns too; give the hook an extra kick as well. The song goes on to take up a highly atmospheric build up and instant fall as it realigns itself back to normal. Something which won’t fail you when done in such a way. The rumours about Bowie will be even more excitable when you can clearly hear the great man himself towards the end of the song and it sounds like it could work well with him in other songs with his vocal against a wash of rhythm and melody. Despite being crammed full of different elements and three different vocals; nothing kills off anything else and they’ve utilised the plus seven minutes they had to good effect to really spread everything out and keep the atmospheric quality of it as well as retaining a lot of room for everything too. This song has set a marker for them to deliver with the album and with what they could have up their sleeve, then the album’s going to be very interesting.

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