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Pinkunoizu – The Drop Review

Pinkunoizu are a Danish group consisting of Jaleh Negari, Jeppe Brix, Andreas Pallisgaard and Jakob Falgren and though they are under the general banner of a Psychedelic rock group, they are much more than that. Their music is a wonderful mutation of Krautrock, Pop, Psychedelica and so much more. The Drop is the follow up from last years album Free Time! and includes to songs from that weird EP album thing they did earlier this year which are ‘Moped’ and ‘Tin Can Alley’. Now the idea that the band has of combining past sounds to make news ones should see me liking them quite a bit as I’ve always gone on about how no one is really progressing music or refreshing old stuff either. Let’s see!

‘Moped’. The whirring synths and with echo, reverb on everything is pretty much the only way to describe the opening to it. The vocals are echoed to but can be heard over the music but that’s not important here. Despite the higher pitched vocals providing a good balance to the heavy sound it’s the wondrous collage of sounds that make this song. The lead guitar burst through to add melody to it all while the space taken up from the drums just grows. The bass rises and falls well too for a greater depth so there is certainly room for manoeuvre on this song despite the many different elements bouncing around and the song works wonderfully as a result. ‘Tin Can Alley’ starts with a heavily reverbed and stuttered drone of a guitar that’s more akin to a siren. The low bass line kicks in on top of that and the Krautrock like guitar leads the song into a rhythmic and catchy destination. The percussion is rapid and urgent while the vocals again add a sense of balance in being lower in tone and drawn out and echoed. However the song never loses it’s urgency and speed and is again a great song that’s different in style of ‘Moped’ but utilises the same recording techniques to good effect.

Songs such as ‘Down In The Liverpool Stream’ are more evocative of an English folk song with subtle synth wavering in the background and with the pure voice too with no effects and others like Necromancer just indulge in vintage electronic music wonderfully and is countered by moments of more spaced out instrumentals that flow through the electronic sounds well. All in all this album is highly varied and you should never get bored listening to it. That’s what makes a great album like Sgt Pepper for example. Not only that but the composition and production is also reflective of that variedness that exists across the album. It’s a real treat. You should take some time out of your day to listen to it.

Pinkunoizu – The Drop = 9/10

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