This Weeks Music Video with Father John Misty, Janelle Monae, Chvrches and Prince

Single Review – Father John Misty – Mr Tillman

Joshua Tillman took his ironic and astute songwriting as Father John Misty and turned it into stinging and biting observations with last year’s Pure Comedy. A year on from its release, he’s now released new material with the single ‘Mr Tillman’. In a track that peels its instrumental layers back and forth, with spaced piano chords making way for a staccato keys and guitars and Tillman’s double tracked chorus strips back to singular, echoed vocals of verses. Lyrically, its reflective of pre-2017 material which was akin to a series of monologues of Tillman’s thoughts and experiences. In that sense, it is a step back to familiarity, but to what end we don’t know? Just that it’ll still be an intriguing if not the most accomplished Father John Misty material.

Owen Riddle