Single Review – Neil Finn – Flying In The Face of Love

At the tender age of fifty five, Neil Finn has a little bit of experience on his side with his roles with Split Enz since the late 1970’s and the classic rock-pop of Crowded House from the late 80’s to 90’s. On top of that he has released various material as a solo artist and with his wife however, it seems that the New Zealander’s latest album called Dizzy Heights is perhaps one of his most articulate and advanced works he has created. That album comes to us in February but last year he did release ‘Flying In The Face of Love’ to give a taste of what’s to come with his album. I must say, to my surprise; that it is a great piece of soft neo-psychedelica with a fluid rhythm and flow with a solid bass groove. The sounds are strung out around the rhythm and bass groove but not too much. In doing so he creates a calm and wonderfully subdued atmosphere while retaining the song’s immediacy and melody. On top of this, his vocal is still very strong and is easy on the ear too and so matching the eased up feel of the instrumentals. It is a nice surprise for this year and an album you should definitely have a look at when it arrives next month.

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Single Review – Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man, That Will Find You

Those of you who know this guy will know that he pulls off unusual and weird in ways that would makes others look foolish. If you don’t then he’s a psychedelic musician from Te Awanga in New Zealand. By this stage his is clearly highly talented and experienced and it shows by the credit he gets and offers from those like Radiohead to Crowded House as people who want him at their shows. Admittedly its probably hard to get into his music without an open mind but you are rewarded greatly if you do. ‘I’m The Man, That Will Find You’ is a release off his November 4th album Caramel and a follow up from Forever Dolphin Love. It has a relaxed 70’s groove through distorted psychedelic shades. The vocals are presented in a similar style and it has fluid progression of a groove filled track but the space and washed out effect of a psychedelic track. A great fusion of the late 60’s and early 70’s. It’s a very surreal track while also sounding quite familiar at the same time and he’s maintained that level of peculiar yet easy quality his music has.

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