Single Review – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Fort Knox

Much has been promised for Noel’s third solo outing and we got a bit of a twist with Glam Rock influenced ‘Holy Mountain’ which whilst being uncharted territory for the driving Pop that it was, it wasn’t what was teased a couple of before. With ‘Fort Knox’ Noel begins to hint at the new styles and approaches he’s long promised to take. The Kanye West influenced track opens with a lintany of psychedelic strings and sitars before ringing distortion and punchy percussion drives the song on along with joyous backing vocals. These combine in unison to deliver an ever more theatrical sound which bursts towards a fruition with the rapid tempo change of the string sections. Noel’s few words are repetitive and merely serve as a tool of the dominant rhythms of the track. It is certainly different as far as Noel is concerned and if the mentality shown on this track is replicated throughout the Who Built the Moon then it will be one worth your undivided attention from November 24th

Owen Riddle