FREE DOWNLOAD – Dear Leaders – Find Me


Dear Leaders are a stylish Electronic- Indie group based in North London via Bristol. Their latest track ‘Find Me’ is available as a free download and an accompanying video, directed by Siobhan Schwartzberg which eludes to surveillance and the subconscious. The track is a serene marriage of meandering riffs and sweeping, whirring synths. This gives the track a rising and spacious feel that is guided by the clean cut riff as it slides through the electronica. Shining subtly above the instrumentals are the soft edged vocals of lead vocalist and guitarist Jess, which gives the song a sense of familiarity and a neat refrain. A track that extracts everything from it’s minimalistic structure with a sense of elegance and coolness.

Terminal Gods forthcoming French gigs

Terminal Gods are an all out rock n roll, leather clad existence from North London. They draw heavily from the likes of Iggy Pop, Lemmy with sheering and raging guitars backed up by a solid, sharp drum beat and a deep and solid vocal. This is epitomised by their latest EP entitled Machine Beat Blues which came out last November and it is well worth a listen. The track from it that stands out most for me is their single ‘Wheels of Love’. The industrial churning of the rhythm guitar, the laser-like lead, the harmonious unison of the lead and backing vocals that is set on the snappy and solid drum foundation. It’s a real and true anthem of what they’re about and one that has those hooks set against the crazed guitars. This is something to look out for when they play their upcoming gigs in France as May begins. The EP offers lots of light and shade of that elk too. On May 2nd they play with Ascetic at the Le Klub in Paris while on May 3rd they play with Cute Kitten Eaters at the Bar’Hic in Rennes. If you’re around then they’ll be well worth a look and you can expect a high octane, guitar charged affair if you do.

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Single Review – Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile

Wolf Alice are from North London and consist of Ellie Roswell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis. The group was initially a solo project of Roswell’s but since then she has went for the standard four piece. They are a band still finding their feet at the moment and that is why their latest offering is from another new EP in Creature Songs (Out May 26th) rather than a debut album. One track from this is ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ The gentle yet purposeful acoustic lapping from the offset is quickly shattered by a bulky distorted riff. Though it seems like the default setting of most new British bands and believe me I feel like I’m in autopilot describing it; it does retain that purposefulness and drive just about. The key to this song is Ellie Roswell. It is melancholy and chimed vocal that floats into separation from the other elements so well. The acoustic parts becoming a structural foundation for her vocal in the verses, but she more than holds her own in the raucous chorus. Lyrically too, it seems much more profound and worth another listen to decipher. However, you have to feel they could do a little better if they applied the imagination of the structure, lyrics and effectiveness of the vocals to the instrumentation, which sounds a little worn out and that sounded unoriginal back in 2011. They do seem like a group that are capable of getting the whole set up working at the same level though and let’s hope they can go to that next level and set themselves apart from a growing crowd of monotonous groups.   

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