Sunday Suggestion – Kanye West feat. Paul McCartney – Only One

Since this is the week of Kanye and all that… here is a look at a track from over a year ago that would have made The Life of Pablo sound quite different had he kept that direction. ‘Only One’ with Paul McCartney is a gentle and lapping track by Kanye’s standards and is an intimate and personal track that’s about family close to him from his Mother to his daughter. Such personal and intimate lyrics require music to compliment and respect it them and calling upon McCartney to help capture that was a wise move from Kanye. This is brought about by the soft, nudging organs and a more subtle auto-tune upon his vocal that is a little less ridiculous than it has been in the past. The chorus still gives way to a refined piece of joyousness with McCartney’s electronically charged backing vocal. It’s a close and emotional song, but one that builds up to more happier climbs too. Though his credibility as an out and out musician may always but questioned; Kanye West’s ability to produce a well made and layered track is becoming less questionable.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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