Single Review – Foxygen – America

The Californian Indie duo have release their first track since 2014’s And… Star Power with ‘America’. This new single is a random turn as it is a orchestral and cinematic piece, almost a soundtrack to a mid 1970’s musical. Everything from the swinging brass band behind them, the sweeping strings and the worn electronic chords. It makes little sense in this regard and whether it is going to be part of their fourth studio album… who knows? What we do know is that it will be a very intriguing listen if it’s a sign of things to come. 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – Paul McCartney – Hope For the Future

Paul McCartney continues to upturn any rock he can find for a new project and his latest effort was helping score the soundtrack for the video game Destiny after providing a few samples including a new single ‘Hope For the Future’ which is out today along with a spectacular video. For the single he talked of aiming for a more “cinematic” approach to match the visuals provided by the game. The string sections provide that throughout to vary degrees; from the delicate combinations with acoustic riffs to linking them to crash percussion and well charged guitar solos. The song goes on to fade to Paul’s lone vocal before soaring to a full compliment of instrumentals to only go on to highlight the dramatics of the track. It’s an effective arrangement for McCartney who ensured his well worn vocals were well up to the task as he swapped the synthesizers and guitars of last year for the string orchestras of 2014 and it’s something that he pulled off pretty damn well.