Single Review – Osca – Smoke

As easy as it is to describe South London’s newest four piece talent Osca as another boy band, they’re proving to be way more than that. 2015 is set to be a packed year for the boys with the release of their latest single Smoke set for June 1st. The track sounds like Coldplay’s Chris Martin and London Grammar’s Hannah Reid had a musical baby – A blessing more brilliant for the industry than Jesus Christ was for 20AD Bethlehem. With a barely there reverb, vocalist Jack Kenworthy’s voice is somewhat hypnotic, and aided by the incredibly upbeat chorus a mood change is imminent- whether or not you felt like screaming into a pillow pre-Smoke, you’ll be all rainbows and smiles post-Smoke. BBC Radio 1 are notorious for supporting home grown British acts and are pretty accurate with which artists/acts are going to be big and when. Osca are pretty great, so obviously the lead song on their debut album Blood worked it’s way into Zane Lowe’s Next Hype, and it was played on the Future of Radio 1 show not long after, then being added to the playlists of Alice Levine, Phil Taggart and Huw Stephens. The Chinese zodiac definitely got this year wrong – 2015 is the year of Osca, not the sheep.

Hannah Crowe

Single Review – Osca – Trumpet

Osca have released their debut EP Blood this week and along with that they released the lead single ‘Trumpet’. The track is an open, minimalistic and spacious affair. With long periods of sole, echoed vocals, subtle and muted drum beats, whirring effects and gentle acoustic riffs. These elements ever so subtly build up in sound in a gradual rise before fading into synths washes and vocal sweeps that extend and enhance the atmospheric quality of the song. The song never sacrifices style or refinement for the need to grab a cheap musical thrill and the song is all the better for it, while style fluctuating and progressing within itself.