Single Review – Pale Waves – Kiss

Following their EP All The Things I Never Said, released earlier this year, Pale Waves’ new single Kiss is another shot at their 80s sound, radiating energy and shimmering with synth. The song kicks off with an excitable riff, which is reflected in the bright, euphoric chorus, made up of instrumentalism equally as ecstatic and catchy lyrics. It’s sweet liveliness and joyous innocence seeps through in every note, and the subtle flamboyance makes it the perfect summer song. I can see the Manchester quartet bouncing around to this – as well as to all their other delightful numbers – in front of crowds of people doing exactly the same.

Ellie Chivers

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Single Review – Pale Waves – My Obsession

In new single My Obsession, Pale Waves bring together gravelly pop-punk vocals to glistening indie chimes to create something both emotive and musically brilliant. Recalling 2017-era Paramore and Clean Cut Kid, The 1975’s Matty Healy put his stamp on the ethereal synth undulations the verses are built upon, before the startling guitars slice into the chorus. And while the song is predominantly floaty and mysterious, there’s no denying the fervour behind the crisp voice of Heather Baron-Gracie, nor the bitter strikes of guitar. My Obsession’s release comes prior to the launch of EP New Year’s Eve, and this hearty, twinkling ballad promises a tracklist to look out for.

Ellie Chivers

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