EP Review – Tom Tripp – RED

Following singles ‘Aurelia and ‘Pamela’ Tom Tripp releases new EP ‘RED’. An enticing mix of pop and R&B. With even subtler touches of electronic and grime influences merging into each track ‘RED’ feels like a blending of Drake and Micheal Jackson circa Bad era. And a 1987 Jackson sound is heavy in the air within impressive track ‘Stand’, while debut single ‘Aurelia’s and ‘Pamela’s drifting heartbreak are both as intoxicating as ever. Newer material ‘So Shy’ and echoes of ‘Dirty Diana’ with an eighties funk hidden at the edges, as well as a not so subtle Rihanna reference, ‘One Day’ continue Tripp’s intoxicating fusion of multiple influences with an expert ear. Laying low and letting the music speak for itself, with the release of an EP like ‘RED’ Tom Tripp is sure to be on everybody’s radar by 2018. 

Hayley Miller