Single Review – Gengahr – She’s A Witch

Ahead of their untitled debut album in May London based band Gengahr release a new track, ‘She’s a Witch’ set to be released on March 16th. After the attention surrounding the band post release of their two singles, ‘powder’ and, ‘bathed in light’ they seamlessly execute another indie classic. The vocals and guitar synchronize in perfect harmony throughout the song complimenting each other as the bass keeps the track grounded and creeping forward. The chorus is infectious and a stand out point of this single, mesmerising and repetitive it begs for a crowd to echo it back and by the end of the track you’ll be hard pressed to not find it engrained in your mind.  This deliciously haunting anthem pleads for huge stages and venues which won’t be a problem for this band if the album released in May is anything similar.

Dominic Naughton