The Franklys Interview!

How did you all meet?

In the great city of London, we were all just in the right place at the right time I guess.

Has your initial style of music changed a lot since the band first formed?

I think we have becoming more powerful and more confident in our sound. We try not to stick to a formula when it comes to writing songs and just go with the flow, in that respect we are the same. We’ve always been rock ‘n’ roll, and now the ‘rock’ part is becoming more prominent.

Who are your greatest influences as a band?

Individually we all have a variety of influences, but some of the common ones are The Hives, The Strokes, The Who, Blondie, Mando Diao, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arctic Monkeys and Led Zeppelin.

How would you describe your music to people?

Loud, hard, fast uncompromising rock ‘n’ roll.

Do you have a particular song-writing process?

We don’t really have a process no. Usually we will just jam together and the beginning of something will start from there. Sometimes someone comes in with a riff or a beat that we then work on and build up. Overall, as long as something sounds good and sticks in our heads then we’ll work on it.

What’s your favourite song to perform live?

Personally it’s hard to choose just one, so I’ll choose three – ‘My Love’, ‘What You Said’ and ‘Bad News’. All of these are so powerful and everyone seems to go extra mental when we play these, it’s a big lift.

What’s the biggest source of annoyance when playing live? There always seems to be something!

Probably carrying all our gear to the venues! I’m sure pretty much everyone can relate to this, especially in London…the lack of lifts and the like. If anyone wants to come be our roadie, get in touch!!

Is there a date on your upcoming tour that you’re most looking forward to?

All of them! I know it sounds so cliché but it’s impossible to choose!

What is Bad News about musically and lyrically?

Musically it’s dark, driving and a packs a helluva punch. Lyrically it’s about dealing with the consequences bad choices can have, in particular when you ignore your instincts about something or someone.

What can we look forward to from The Franklys?

We’ve got a pretty packed next few months ahead of us, and we can’t wait! The ‘Bad News EP’ is coming out on 27th April; we’re throwing a big party for this with some help from This Feeling and some other great bands on 25th April at The Amersham Arms. Then we will be setting off on the ‘Bad News Tour’ with festival dates, shows in Europe and throughout the UK to support the release and just to play as much as we can! (Check out the specifics here ) We also plan to fit eating, sleeping, drinking and a few other activities in there at some point too.

Questions by Charlotte Broomfield and Owen Riddle

Single Review – The Franklys – Bad News

With ‘The Puppet’ being released earlier this month, the London-based all-girl rock ‘n’ roll band The Franklys release the equally brilliant ‘Bad News’ on April 27th. The band is made up of Jen Ahlkvist as vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Fanny Broberg on lead guitar, Zoe Biggs on bass and Nicole Pinto as the drummer. The girls are from Sweden, UK and the US and together they create a force to be reckoned with.

The Franklys entwine old school rock ‘n’ roll, punk and garage to create a really ballsy track that demands attention. Jen Ahlkvist’s vocals are reminiscent of the notorious Joan Jett and pack similarly rebellious tones but more velvety in parts. The riffs are perfectly punchy and complimented by a daring lead guitar solo. The girls bring us captivating straight-up rock music infused with a level of boldness that you’d usually only find back in the ‘70’s. The lyrics are catchy and full to the brim with attitude and overall create a feisty track which will make you want to hear what else the four piece have to offer.

The Franklys have managed to find the perfect balance between paying homage to previous generations of punk and rock music and bringing something new to the genre. Rather than being dated, their sound is empowering and infectious; it is tremendous to hear an all-girl four piece with such an explosive sound. The Franklys are a band to watch out for and ‘Bad News’ promises to bring them an increasing fan base.

Charlotte Broomfield

This Weeks Music Video with Damon Albarn, Black Keys, Kasabian and The Franklys

Kasabian – Eez-eh

The Black Keys – Fever

Damon Albarn – Heavy Seas of Love

The Franklys – Puppet

Single Review – The Franklys – Puppet

The Franklys are an all girl quartet hailing from the UK, US and Sweden and are based in London. Their debut single ‘Puppet’ is out on April 7th and it is a fantastic piece of garage nostalgia enthused with small pop hints that adds a further dimension to the track which features a gritty punk riff along with a razor sharp lead riff. The vocal is evocative of Siouixsie Sioux in many ways with the hint of aggression wrapped around a cool and easiness of a bold 60’s garage vocalist. The song is full of hooks, handclaps and snarling gestures all rolled into one. It completes some key but pretty basic function in that you can sing a long with it easily, it has a simple structure and rhythm that you can dance along to and it also encourages you to go wild and I imagine this track being a real crowd pleaser at their shows or in a club. Speaking of which, they played the aptly named The Garage in London yesterday and go on to play at New Cross Inn on March 22nd and launch their single on April 2nd at The Barfly before heading to the well known Good Mixer in London on the 26th of April. If you are nearby then please attend as if this song is anything to go by; it will be well worth it.

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