Single Review – The Raveonettes – Choke On Love

There’s yet another track from The Raveonettes Rave of the month series as they create an album’s worth of music over the course of the year. The Danish duos latest track is ‘Choke On Love’ and it features a lively, almost summer feeling track with resonant, fine riffs that are accentuated with distortion. The track fades into a wistful and hazy phase from which a quick fire lead riff meanders through. The song is a catchy and complex piece of Pop music, but it almost ends too soon and doesn’t endeavour to force the issue. 

Owen Riddle 

Single Review – The Raveonettes – A Good Fight

The established Copenhagen Noise Rockers continue to release material every month as part of their Rave of the Month series for 2016. Their latest track for August is ‘A Good Fight’ and it shows familiar flashes of rapid, distorted rhythms and echoed vocals. These sections fall away towards a chiming piano ballad with washed out, hazy vocals and a more open and spacious feel. Beyond this, the track is filled with dark and unnerving lyrical content which matches the duos general feel for this series of tracks, of which ‘A Good Fight’ is one of the strongest. 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – The Raveonettes – Excuses

With the third instalment of their Rave of the Month album, for March we get ‘Excuses’. Operating in the middle ground between the electronic and lo-fi elements of the previous two singles, here with a divergent track moving from sound to sound in a obtuse, yet smooth fashion. The echoed riffs and percussion of a dark Surf Rock track descend towards their buzzing, lo-fi sound. This reaches a vocal peak however before leading into a rhythmic and almost classic hip hop beat of the chorus. The song smooths over the changes with an uneasy atmospheric quality which they achieve by having whirring electronica as a constant. Lyrically they continue to relate romantic pitfalls with war imagery in a fashion as brazen as their sound. A great track.

Owen Riddle

Single Review – The Raveonettes – Run Mascara Run


The second instalment of The Raveonettes Rave of the Month series this month, sees the Copenhagen duo swap resonant electronica for more a twisted and distorted, swooning ballad. Behind the clear and innocent vocals and classic Rock-Pop riffs are dark lyrics of blood stained imagery and the horrors of a nuclear holocaust. The ever increasing distortion as the track progresses really adds to the audible imagery of the static left over by a nuclear detonation. Though a simple arrangement, the music is pulled and manipulated wonderfully to master that contradictory sound of darkness behind innocence. Something that these two are experts in.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995