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Single Review – Regina Spektor – Black and White 

Moscow born singer songwriter, Regina Spektor releases her upcoming album Remember Us To Life on September 30th and has released another single with ‘Black and White’ in the lead up to it. This is certainly a track more in Spektor’s comfort zone with the quivering strings and smooth piano chords that allow her to deploy her soft, delicate vocals. There is the odd lightly warped echo on her vocal and sparing use of a synthesiser, but ultimately it’s another graceful and wistful track from Regina. 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – Regina Spektor – Small Bill$

The classically trained Muscovite has another single for her upcoming album Remember Us To Life and ‘Small Bill$’ is an enigmatic and fusing track and reflects the greater fluctuations in Spektor’s style more generally. With this track she features the rumbling strings and dramatic piano chords that are a common feature of her work, but these are fused with shuffling percussion and a tuneful rap of sorts. The track is more direct and obtuse than the previous single and for the most part works well as a concept, whilst not so well gelled together in others. An intriguing if not successful addition. 

Owen Riddle

Single Review – Regina Spektor – Bleeding Heart

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Regina Spektor, she is a Moscow born and New York based classically trained pianist who has announced her fifth album Remember Us To Life. Her first album in four years will be a marker for Regina, who has gradually experimented and strayed away from the piano based tracks at the turn of the decade. Her new track ‘Bleeding Heart’ provides a healthy balance between her subtly delivered piano pieces and minimalist electronica presented in a innocent Pop fashion. The song is for the most part a delicate and steady piece of eccentric Pop, but it concludes with a full rock arrangement with reverberating guitars and distorted synths that allow Regina to unleash some of the power in her vocals. Remember Us To Life is out on September 30th and they’ll be some more interesting singles before that date so keep an ear out for them.

Owen Riddle